I'm author of the novel I Am Not Gog. Born in the midlands, I now live in south London with my life partner. I spent many years working with adults experiencing mental health issues and homelessness. In those projects, I have worked with several fascinating, wonderful people, and some of them have provided inspiration for the characters in this novel. I hope I have honoured their spirit.


The surface story stands on its own as a touching tale of one woman's struggle to fight back against life's bullies and find freedom and peace.

Beneath it lies a rich tapestry of allegory that speaks to real and urgent issues effecting our lives and freedoms today. It is pitched in such a way that you can enjoy the surface story oblivious of the allegory, or you can delve into the subtext and enjoy unraveling the puzzle of what it all means.


Of course, this website is primarily a gateway to help people find, sample, and buy the novel, but I am also hoping to use it to build a library of 'insights' that might enhance the reader's experience of it. I hope to talk about all aspects of the book, but most importantly, I want to explore the underlying allegorical scheme for the benefit of readers who are interested.


Message me with any questions about I Am Not Gog, and I will try to answer them on here as best I can.

Matthew James Hunt

This is a repository of insights about the novel I Am Not Gog (and future work). There will be new insights every month or so until we have a full library and nothing is left unexplored. If you came here to find out more about the allegory of the novel, start by clicking HERE.

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I Am Not Gog. A novel by Matthew James Hunt.