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December 26, 2017

Now I’ve addressed our heroine’s name and what it means, it’s only fair I formally introduce our antagonist, the filthy brute, Alex Basileus-Trapezites.

First name: Alex, after Alexander the Great. This is generally as a type, class, or order, not that particular Macedonian. Although, it does secondarily identify the allegorical theme of the Alexander Romances and all that they bring to the table.

Surname: Basileus-Trapezetes. The simple translation from the Greek is ‘Royalty-Bankers’. The hyphen in any surname, of course, represents the alliance of two different families by marriage. Allegorically, this represents an alliance of two different types, classes, or orders (in history, this ha...

December 10, 2017

The image here was the first, rudimentary sketch of Lydia by Su Koh. It is nicely loaded with ambiguity and foreboding. Ambiguity of identity is central to the whole novel. This is conveyed in the name of I Am Not Gog’s protagonist, Lydia Japhethson.

There has been much speculation as to who the original Gog of Magog were and where their homeland was. I found the most commonly accepted location was somewhere in western Asia Minor, or stone age Anatolia, as it then was. At the time of Ezekiel’s prophecy about Gog of Magog, it had long been the empire of Lydia, which lasted 1200–546 BC. Ezekiel lived 622–570 BC.

It’s important to bear in mind that a tribe (or two) coming from the Lydian empi...

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This is a repository of insights about the novel I Am Not Gog (and future work). There will be new insights every month or so until we have a full library and nothing is left unexplored. If you came here to find out more about the allegory of the novel, start by clicking HERE.

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