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August 12, 2018

Most writers complain about writing too much content and having to force themselves to pare away all that is unnecessary in the editing. I’m not like most. I’m the reverse. I was the reverse in the writing and editing of I Am Not Gog, at least. Perhaps, now I have learnt my craft, it will be different next time. I didn’t have to force myself to increase the word count, though, it sort of happened naturally in the rewrites. As you can see from the graph, I started out with a meagre 48,000 words and ended up with over 80,000. That’s adding over 32,000 words. Something must be wrong with me.

The last award-winning contemporary literary novel I read started out at 120,000 words in the first dra...

July 28, 2017

Everybody knows superstition is stupid, even superstitious people. So, after about eight drafts of my novel, I Am Not Gog, I was surprised to find myself suddenly editing under the grip of a powerful and exacting superstition that was impossible to escape.

The grind of writing a novel is mostly in the process of rewrites and editing. The process is endless. The rewrites are many. The number of rewrites that I Am Not Gog underwent isn't strictly accurate, because in early rewrites of the whole manuscript, I would rewrite a single scene anywhere between one to ten times until I was happy enough to move on to the next scene (or was sick of it). My final edit has the title ‘30th Draft’, but it...

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This is a repository of insights about the novel I Am Not Gog (and future work). There will be new insights every month or so until we have a full library and nothing is left unexplored. If you came here to find out more about the allegory of the novel, start by clicking HERE.

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