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August 18, 2019

Where did the story come from? It was a long time ago, but I can remember a dream, and I usually say that that was the starting point. I think it was the start. I think it was the spark that took some ideas I was working on and put life into it, ignited my passion for it, urged me to find out more about what preceded the strange scene I had dreamed, and what might happen after it.

I was taking a sabbatical in Malaysia for a couple of years, practising the craft of fiction by writing short stories that were for my eyes only – crazy stuff that was just me allowing my creativity free reign. There was even one about how giraffes, all over the world, were suddenly able to fly. Mad, embarrassing t...

July 14, 2019

[Spoiler alert]

Music is a big part of my process in writing. It evokes moods in which the imagination can find more out of a situation, a character, or a place. Lyrics can also carry ideas or prompts. Sometimes the effect is slight or even whimsical, but there are times when it is significant, with the music almost driving the creative process. So, when I begin a project, I’m exploring new music for inspiration all the time. This is moreso for the novel I’m currently researching because music is a key element to the story, whereas in I Am Not Gog, any reference to music was incidental. Music was still important to the creation of it, though, and here I’ll give some insights as to what sound...

June 16, 2019

I'm a huge fan of dining scenes in film and literature. Whatever the story, I just want to be right in there with them, enjoying the meal. So, it's no surprise to me that there are several dining scenes in I Am Not Gog. All of the dining locations are based on real eateries and their fictional names have allegorical significance. Let's have a little nibble at the most important ones...

The photo above is of Brookside Fish Bar in Hinckley, which our family used to frequent when I was a child (forty years ago). As far as I can remember, it was Dad's role to fetch the fish supper in his car if we were to indulge. It was like a Mum's night off. When I was a bit older, I'd drop by after school wit...

April 14, 2019

Here is an example of a boarded-up Edwardian terraced house in Grimsby, the likes of which served as a squat for Maggie and the Eriphions, where they held what Lydia calls their 'Mad-hatter's Tea Party'. To be fair, this party only went pear-shaped from Lydia's perspective, because everyone else in attendance drank magic-mushroom tea and were about to embark on an hallucinogenic trip. It probably went perfectly well for them.

In a wider shot you can see most of the houses here are boarded up. At the time this photograph was taken in 2006, only the one on the left and the white one, second from the end on the right, were occupied. Which of any of them might be 83 New Redlord Row, is up to you....

October 14, 2018

If you look very closely at the lower left quadrant of this scene, you can see that the zoomed-in panel contains an actual image of a very minor character in I Am Not Gog: Ruth the pigeon.

Since Lydia’s sojourn in Grimsby thirteen years ago, Grimsby’s bus station has had a significant redesign. I knew the place was due an overhaul, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so half-arsed. As it is, they appear to have just removed the shelters and moved the line of stands perpendicular to where they were. They are now along the row of buildings at the end, leaving a big open space. Perhaps they use the space for something useful like a market or ribbon-dancing performances. If anyone knows, please co...

June 10, 2018

Here are a few photographs that I took during my research trip to Cleethorpes and Grimsby in 2006. I had no idea I’d be showing them to you now, so they are just snaps. I’m not a brilliant photographer.

This was the last of Lydia's three refuges, under the pier on Cleethorpes beach. Then, it was midnight and raining. From this angle, you'd be looking directly at her, face to face.

The next two photos are of her tiny guest-house room on Abraham's Road, where she dwelt for almost all of the rest of her time in Cleethorpes. The actual name of the road is 'Isaac's Road', but I needed to change it so that none of the Abrahamic faiths were either excluded or emphasised in relation to the allegory, t...

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This is a repository of insights about the novel I Am Not Gog (and future work). There will be new insights every month or so until we have a full library and nothing is left unexplored. If you came here to find out more about the allegory of the novel, start by clicking HERE.

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