Official Review: "A Masterpiece"

Cleethorpes beach and e-book edition of the novel I Am Not Gog by Matthew James Hunt, reviewed as 'a masterpiece' by Julia Kay of

I was delighted to end 2018 on such a positive note – this wonderful official review of the novel I Am Not Gog by Julia Kay of

"I found myself forgetting that this was a work of fiction, for within the pages is the type of bizarreness that can only be found in reality – the way real life can unfold into chaos and is wrought with unforeseeable events. Truth be told, fiction is much more predictable. At the end of the book, when I was tempted to Google Lydia Japhethson, I had to remind myself that she is a fictional character. That someone so wonderfully unique and beautifully flawed never actually existed is a pity. I began this book on a wary note, unsure of the likeability of the protagonist. However, I closed the book somewhat heartbroken because I had come to the end of a story of a character I had begun to adore. I Am Not Gog by Matthew James Hunt is the story of a child who had been bullied and abused until she reached her breaking point and became an unhinged middle-aged woman. Driven to insanity by the loathsome behavior inflicted upon her, Lydia felt she had no other option than to take revenge on the only person in close vicinity associated with the abhorrent acts from her childhood. With a gun and a plan, the supermarket standoff was only the beginning of her journey. Readers are taken on a life-changing and character-driven journey with Lydia as she leaves the only home she has ever known and sets off to confront her past, which is the only way she can put it behind her. I Am Not Gog is a reminder to captive audiences that stand back and observe atrocious actions without interfering that their inaction and attention reinforces the doer's behavior and makes them equally complicit. It is also a story of growth, friendship, and the quest for freedom. Everything about this book moved me – the unpredictable characters, the unsettling actions of the protagonist and people in her life, and the ending. When I end a book with tears in my eyes, I know I have just finished a masterpiece. The British dialogue in this story was believable and fun to read. I Am Not Gog is well-deserving of its rating of 4 out of 4 stars. While this story is not a biography or memoir, it reads like one, and it will appeal to readers who find those enjoyable. The sayings, quirks and some of the predicaments that the protagonist finds herself in are also funny, and anyone who enjoys a good laugh who find pleasure reading this book. There is some serious content, such as abuse and gun violence, which is not suitable for children. While there are instances of sexual innuendos and intimacy, there are no explicit details."

Click here for links to Amazon where you can get the novel. Have a great 2019.


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I Am Not Gog. A novel by Matthew James Hunt.