Two Pear-shaped Parties

A boarded up house in Grimsby. Photo by Matthew James Hunt 2006

Here is an example of a boarded-up Edwardian terraced house in Grimsby, the likes of which served as a squat for Maggie and the Eriphions, where they held what Lydia calls their 'Mad-hatter's Tea Party'. To be fair, this party only went pear-shaped from Lydia's perspective, because everyone else in attendance drank magic-mushroom tea and were about to embark on an hallucinogenic trip. It probably went perfectly well for them.

A terrace of largely boarded up houses in Grimsby. Photo by Matthew James Hunt 2006

In a wider shot you can see most of the houses here are boarded up. At the time this photograph was taken in 2006, only the one on the left and the white one, second from the end on the right, were occupied. Which of any of them might be 83 New Redlord Row, is up to you. Take your pick. You can see the raggedy scar where the pebble-dashing has been stripped away on the left side of the white house, so my description of the area in the novel is as accurate as I could make it.

The address, 83 New Redlord Row, includes two allegorical references. The first is a number that is repeated elsewhere in the novel, where its meaning is discussed. The second is much more important and is an anagram of a three word phrase. I usually reveal the anagrams at the end of blogs featuring them, but here I can't because it would give too much away. It is quite an easy anagram and the first word isn't even muddled at all. If you really need help on it, feel free to contact INKTAP via the contact page and I’ll be very happy to reply with the answer by email.

The Fishermans Arms, Cleethorpes, the pub upon which the Oak and Stone pub was based in the novel I Am Not Gog.

Here is where the second party really did go pear-shaped, The Oak and Stone pub in Cleethorpes. It's actually called The Fisherman's Arms, but I needed it to have an allegorical reference connected to Joshua, and I explain the name The Oak and Stone here. You can see the car park across the road behind the pub, with some trees and bushes. A little further to the right and there should be a bit of more substantial foliage, behind which Lydia hid to watch events in the beer garden (back yard).


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I Am Not Gog. A novel by Matthew James Hunt.